Barry Davidson the Founder and Managing Member of Caddo Mountain Spring Water, LLC, founded the Company in late 2014. Mike Boswell a Co-founder joined the Company in early 2015. Barry and Mike are longtime friends and business associates.

Barry and his wife spent three weeks in '04 driving across the southwest - the states of Texas, New Mexico, Arizona, Nevada and northern California and back. It was their first extended trip in many years. As a Registered Investment Advisor, Barry had only taken two weeks of vacation during the previous seven years. Between the great “recession” of '08-09 and the World’s Central Banks money printing policies, he felt he could not leave his office.

While driving from Texas to California they were immediately struck by the dire water situation everywhere. Looking down on the depleted Lake Meade from the top of the Hoover Dam had a dramatic/shocking effect on both of them. Seeing Lake Tahoe had a similar affect as well. They had been to Lake Tahoe on their honeymoon and many times since but had never seen it in a drastically down water level situation before. They knew at that juncture our water circumstance was really bad!

After they returned from their trip Barry decided to research our water situation. What he learned was disturbing. Not only were our lakes and streams depleted (the water we can see and gauge) but also our ground water aquifers. In fact, he learned that in one major State over half of the imposed water restrictions come from areas where we are drawing our water from subsurface aquifers and that State was not California! Decades of pumping ground water and it’s over use of our aquifers without enough replenishment is not sustainable and a major problem.

What he learned about the bottled water we were drinking on their trip was equally disturbing. Approximately 90% of the bottled spring water on store our shelves is U.S. water bottled and controlled by foreign owned companies. Nestle’, a Swiss owned company with revenues approximating $100 billion is the biggest. Nestle’ controls some 85% of the bottled spring water market through various brands including Arrowhead, Ozarka, Poland Springs and others. CG Roxane, a Japanese owned company is another large foreign owned entity bottling U.S. spring water and controlling a major share of the market with their Crystal Geyser “Alpine Spring Water” brand as well as bottling numerous “private” label store brands. A major source of spring water for both Nestle’ and CG Roxane is California. Nestle’ also sources spring water exclusively from Texas for their “Ozarka” brand. (There is no Ozark Mountains spring water in Nestle’ Ozarka brand water.) Many people believe and Barry agrees that both California and Texas are unsustainable sources for bottled spring water. In fact, hundreds of thousands of people in California have signed petitions for at least one major foreign owned water bottler to stop bottling there.

After discussing with family and friends about what he had learned about water and bottled spring water in particular, he was “challenged” to find good spring water from a sustainable source. Given everything he knew and with the support of his wife, he accepted the “challenge”! Barry had also formed the belief that America needed its own major spring water brand. He was certain we needed an American owned and operated Spring Water Company whose interests were aligned with the interests of the American people. He knew we needed better stewardship over our best spring water.

From his spring water research Barry determined that “Ultimately, mountain sourced spring water is the best!”™ No other water compares to all natural mountain spring water when it comes to taste and quality. As an example, comparing all natural spring water to purified water is analogous to comparing real cheese to cheese spread. In fact, it is scientifically impossible to filter out all contaminates found in many municipal water supplies. Municipal “tap” water is the primary source for purified water. Those contaminates include nanoparticles of heavy metals like aluminum as well as pharma drugs. So he started searching for spring water in sustainable mountain areas. Barry reviewed hundreds of documented spring water locations and the water analysis for each. Next he identified good spring water “prospects”, and then he and his wife drove over 6,000 miles inspecting springs and looking for others. They spent time out in the country side talking to the locals, testing and analyzing spring water in numerous locations. Subsequent to many months of searching they discovered “World Class” spring water in an accessible pristine location from a sustainable protected source in the mountains of west central Arkansas – “The Natural” State (in the center of the U.S.) – A RARE FIND! 

After discovering the World Class spring water, he immediately deployed his family to Hot Springs Village, Arkansas and shortly thereafter founded Caddo Mountain Spring Water, LLC. His plans for the Company include building a spring water facility to bottle their water at the source!


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