CADDO Mountain Spring Water – Our name says it all. Our spring waters are sourced, from deep, naturally occurring clean aquifers, and our facilities are located in the pristine protected US Forest Lands of the Ouachita Mountains of Arkansas. Our spring and artesian water comes from deep pools of naturally filtered water ready to bring its health benefits to your life.

Our arrowhead icon – Our legacy is rooted in the strong, enduring spirit of Native American Indians. In particular, the spirit of the Caddo (Kadu) Indians who developed their homeland in our area around 1200 A.D.  The Caddo Tribe numbered 250,000 people and were known as a most advanced Native American culture who were peaceful in their pursuit of a spiritual life fueled by the healthy water they cherished. Native Americans were known for their ability to identify great water sources and to protect them. In fact, the Native Americans of our area turned back famed European Explorer Hernando Desoto’s Exploration in 1535 AD. The Battle occurred only some 10 miles from our source water property. Desoto said they were “the fiercest fighters he had ever encountered!” We’re proud to continue that tradition today. The golden tree reminds us of our natural resources we strive to protect and preserve.

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Today is: July 15, 2024
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CADDO Mountain Spring Water is an exciting new company in a very important growth phase. We’re working hard to make sure everything we do is to provide the cleanest, purest mountain sourced spring water available and to do it with innovation; part of which is to be powered by solar energy and in an environmentally responsible way.

Be sure to check back often for updated progress on our planning and the building of our new bottling facility and our visitor’s center.

Sustainably, Environmentally, Socially Responsible

CADDO Mountain Spring Water is an eco-friendly company dedicated to offering a premium product with a sustainable environmental impact. Real social impact is important to us. We’re going to improve the lives of local citizens by providing quality jobs in a clean and safe work environment. We strive to be the premier water bottling model in the entire industry. Our facilities will be sustainably run by the power of the sun. We are resolute in our beliefs of being a responsible part of our community while providing superior products.  We also want to socially impact people everywhere. As an example, we support the recycling of all plastics and “water bottle deposit taxes” in every US state and the world. 

Water Powered by the Sun

Sustainability and Innovation have been keynote watchwords of CADDO since day one. They course through our planning in all respects from the building of our facilities to the day-to-day operations of our people. We believe in being efficient, cost-effective and sustainably responsible stewards of the environment in the production of the finest bottled water available.

Our future facilities’ operations powered with clean, renewable electricity from our own solar farm, will allow us to be an independent and sustainable advanced manufacturer.

It will also allow us to reduce our operating costs, provide additional power to our neighbors and reduce and/or eliminate our company’s carbon footprint!  (click to enlarge image)

CADDO Mountain Spring & Artesian Water

After years of testing our waters, numerous third party Hydrogeological Reports, studying and reviewing a broad range of water literature, we’re proud to soon bring you unquestionably, the finest spring and artesian water on the planet.

For regular daily hydration, or with your workouts, food service, daily coffee or tea, you won’t find a better, more healthful all-natural water for your body’s performance and longevity.

At CADDO we believe in…

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